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Helloooo stalkers :D

Im so sorryyyy everyone, I dont have enough time to keep this blog updated. You can see whats happening on my FB as Im so lazy fatass and Its faster and easier to post from my iphone bahahahhamaha eat it

But in short, so far, so goood. Im currently staying in my second country – Lithuania Kaunas, spontaneously decided to stay one more week in in Vilnius. Im meeting loads of people, collecting their stories and passions and also trying to inspire people by sharing my passions about traveling, meeting people, photography, parties, worldpeace ;D etc. .

Yesterday, we had a fashion shooting. Im quite happy because I had a chance to collaborate with one of top people in fashion industry in Lithuania. RUTA MODEL MANAGEMENT provided gorgeous models. Star makeup/hais artists Karolina Taraskevic and Viktorija Novo did amazing makeup/hair job and fabulous did styling! And I did not screwed everything in the end I hope…lets see 😀

I would post a picture, but It doesnt work and I dont know how to fix it ;D I guess I was not doing software engineering long enough (although I loved it ) ..(had to throw it here, in case my former ABB bosses are reading hahahahha hii how r u I hope you havent forget me yet) 😀

So, I guess I should get my ass from the bed, Its 14:30 now 😀 good day! Next post will be in 2 months so,.. forget this page bye miaw nah how xao xoxxo 😀

Btw today is special day, because my daddy has birthday! So, Happy birthday to my daddy, I wish health and happiness. Im sorry I cant be home with my family, but I hope u ll throw big insane party with big vomits in the end!

ps sorry Ive never had a blog, I dont know how and what to write. If you dont like it, Im happy with that 😀


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welcome to my blog

This is my first baby blog <3

My name is Tran Minh Hoang. This blog is my personal blog, I`ll post updates for my friends, about my upcoming worldtrip

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Packing madness

What to pack for 1 year worldtrip?

papers, credit cards

photography stuff


shirts, pants

I guess…I`ll be done in 15 minutes ? 😀

Lets see how Its in reality.


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Hello everyone

Welcome to my blog. On Monday 27th June 2016 (tommorow), I will start my trip around the world.

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